Medium Size Birthday Greeting Card | Abba Kyari Bukar

Medium Size Birthday Greeting Card | Abba Kyari Bukar

Kyari Abba Bukar is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) Plc who recently celebrated his birthday and all staff of CSCS decided to present him with a special and memorable gift and guess what, it’s a Birthday Greeting Card from DottyDot Crafts.

This Birthday Greeting Card for Abba Kyari Bukar is unique and simple as it could get as the colour and theme were centred across a mature feel. Mixing a colour of Ash, Silver, Gold and Black card colours to achieve a semi-formal card as requested by the staffs.

Using an old paper scroll banner design over the top with the text ‘Happy Birthday’ written boldly, a woven mat design, polymark effect, and embossed die-cut to create the ‘KYARI’ name, this Birthday Greeting Card for Abba Kyari Bukar speaks elegance, love, respect, maturity and true intents that comes with it.

Specially made by DottyDot Crafts, this Birthday Greeting Card for Abba Kyari Bukar ranks top among handmade cards in Lagos, stating clearly that we at DottyDot Crafts produce top greeting cards in Lagos & Nigeria at large.



  • Birthday Greeting Card for Abba Kyari Bukar
  • Size: 18′ x 12′ Inches
  • Colour Theme: Ash, Silver, White and Black
  • Occasion: Birthday
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Features –
    • Embossed design
    • Old paper scroll banner
    • Polymark effects
    • Marker Spray
    • Die-cut
    • Woven Mat
    • Picture
    • Inner Birthday Greeting Wording
  • Card comes fully packaged and sealed in a packaging nylon, an envelope, carriage bag and complimentary one page catalogue & stickers.

Birthday-Greeting-Card-for-Abba-Kyari-Bukar Birthday-Greeting-Card-for-Abba-Kyari-Bukar2 Birthday-Greeting-Card-for-Abba-Kyari-Bukar3