Valentine Greeting Card Wondering why we blogging about valentine greeting card now? Its simply because we found this in one of our collections and couldn’t help but put it up!

Simple, playful and trendy are the right words to qualify this Valentine greeting card as the concept is unique and fun. With a picture frame placed at the centre of a banner with heart perforations. Button effects, polymarks effect and die-cut hearts are all used to add a perfect finesse to this beautiful valentine greeting card.


  • Valentine Greeting Card
  • Size: 18′ x 12′ Inches
  • Colour Theme: Purple, Pink, White and Gold
  • Occasion: Valentine
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Features –
    • Embossed design
    • Picture frame
    • Polymark effects
    • Marker Spray
    • Die-cut
    • Banner with heart perforation
    • Picture
    • Inner page wording
  • Card comes fully packaged and sealed in a packaging nylon, special gift box packaging, carriage bag and complimentary one page catalogue & stickers.

See more pictures for this Valentine Greeting Card…

IMG-20130204-00247 Birthday Greeting Card

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