• 40th Birthday Greeting Card
  • Size: Large (25′ x 15′) Inches
  • Colour Theme: Pink, Purple and Lilac
  • Unique, Trendy and feminine birthday card


One way to celebrate birthdays is to receive a special gift just like this 40th Birthday Greeting Card that sparkles excitement into the event. With special pattern effects, this greeting card is themed around a pink and purple colour with glitters. Adding ploymarks effects to create studs, glitter foam to create hearts, and special birthday greetings pasted on the inside of the card, this goes a long way in expressing the sender’s gestures and also adding colour to the recipient’s day.

So are you looking to add colour into that special someone’s day with colourful greeting cards? DottyDot Crafts is the best place to get the best greeting cards for all occasions.

40th Birthday Card - DottydotCrafts (1) 40th Birthday Card - DottydotCrafts (2)


The concept above is similar to our 50th Birthday Greeting Card with 6 Pages Wording. You can contact us today to place orders for your greeting cards.

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