Handbags which generally include purses, pouches or pocketbooks are handled medium to large bags that most times designed in a fashionably manner. These handbags are typically used to carry some personal items like phones, keys, wallets, make-up materials, jewelries etc especially by women.

Purses are originally used to refer to a small bag for holding coins while Handbags are larger much needed accessory because they hold items more than just currency, such as a woman’s personal items or even emergency items on which to survive on. These Handbags although are much needed accessories but are used as fashion accessories as well, so here is one of the fashion trends in Handbags with our Crafted Leather Handbags with Ankara Interior.

Owing to the trending Ankara Fabrics in making fashion accessories presently, this has inspired a whole new concept in this Ankara Designs where we have mixed leather with Ankara to produce these great outputs.DottyDot Crafts (4) DottyDot Crafts (3) DottyDot Crafts (2)DottyDot Crafts (5)


These rectangular leather bags with Ankara interior are simple, unique, and of course classy as they add style and glamour to your outfit. Several colours theme has been done which is usually a complement of the outer leather and the interior Ankara fabric. A studded design which are metal silver or golden studs are pinned to one side of the bag to indicate the front part. Here are a few other colours of the rectangular leather bags with Ankara interior:

IMG-20140829-00681 red ankara bag

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